1997 Show



1. The Overture 9. Top of the Morning Feeling
2. Opening - Going on the
    Town Tonight!
10. A Cup of Coffee
3. Goodbye 11. The Roaring Twenties
4. A Bachelor Boy 12. The Hero
5. The Land of Oz 13. Take That Back!
6. The Twins 14. Master of the House
7. Before the Cup Final 15. The Gnomes
8. A Broadway Show 16. Finale - One for the Road



Ross Bell John Breen Ann Brown Ged Brown James Craig
Nicola Craig Gillian Creegan Alan Dakers Liusaidh Donnelly Aaron Duncan
Alison Duncan Siobhan Easson Craig Farnington Martin Forsyth Scot Glancy
Andrew Gray Bert Harris Chris Harris Nichola Herron Andy Hutton
Neil Hutton Barry Kane Christopher Kane Mhairi Kidd Norman Leonard
Vicky Leonard Craig Lindsay Colin Lowson Chris MacDonald Fiona MacKenzie
Fred McCulloch Craig McFadyen Paul McFadyen Suzzy McMaster Fraser McPherson
David Millar James Millar Steven Millar Tony Mochan Andrew Murdoch
Billy Naismith Brian Owen Chris Ritchie Dale Samson Stuart Sellars
Samantha Simmons Grant Simpson Kirsty Thomson Paul Thomson Robin Topper
Richard Waghorn George Walker Stephen Walker Tracey Ward Gavin White
George Wright