1995 Show


1. Overture 11. V.E Day - 50 Years on
2. The Opening - There's No Show
    Like A Gang Show
12. Village People
3. Four Little Fellers 13. Dundee Memories
4. Show Daddy Daddy 14. Holly Days
5. Rome in Scandal 15. A Load of Bull
6. Welcome to Africa 16. Trains
7. Outside the Local 17. Cleanin' Wifies
8. Inside the Local 18. Finale
9. Three of a Kind...Again!  
10. Listen to the Bands  


Ann Brown Ged Brown James Craig Alan Dakers Aaron Duncan
Bill Fleming Martin Forsyth Andrew Gray Bert Harris Chris Harris
Nichola Herron Andy Hutton Neil Hutton Barry Kane Christopher Kane
Craig Lindsay Chris MacDonald Fiona MacKenzie Fred McCulloch Craig McFadyen
Tony Mochan Andrew Murdoch Billy Naismith Gareth Scott Kevin Sellars
Stuart Sellars Grant Simpson Kirsty Thomson Paul Thomson Richard Waghorn
George Walker Gavin White George Wright