1996 Show


1. Overture 9. Excercise and Keep Fit
2. The Opening - We're Celebrating
    Thirty Years
10. The Dwarfs and Snow White
3. Pirates Bold 11. Now You Hazz Jazz
4. Blues Brothers 12. Sedaka
5. Anthony and Cleopatra 13. Grease is the Word!
6. Gospell Bells 14. The West is Wild
7. Parting of the Ways 15. Finale
8. Thirty Years of Entertaining  




Ann Brown Ged Brown James Craig Gillian Creegan Alan Dakers
Aaron Duncan Alison Duncan Bill Fleming Martin Forsyth Andrew Gray
Bert Harris Chris Harris Nichola Herron Andy Hutton Neil Hutton
Barry Kane Christopher Kane Craig Lindsay Colin Lowson Chris MacDonald
Fiona MacKenzie Fred McCulloch Craig McFadyen Fraser McPherson David Millar
James Millar Tony Mochan Andrew Murdoch Billy Naismith Dale Samson
Gareth Scott Kevin Sellars Staurt Sellars Samantha Simmons Grant Simpson
Kirsty Thomson Paul Thomson Robin Topper Richard Waghorn George Walker
Gavin White George Wright